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Leveraging CTI Tool for ESRS E5 Compliance

As companies embark on the journey to fulfill the complex requirements of the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) E5, CTI Tool emerges as a beacon of strategic advantage and operational efficiency.

CTI Tool offers an unparalleled avenue to comprehensively address each facet of E5, empowering companies to navigate resource use, circular economy practices, financial impacts, risks, and opportunities with precision and impact.

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Precision in circular performance evaluation

CTI Tool offers a robust framework (the CTI Framework) to meticulously evaluate circular performance. Through quantifiable indicators, it calculates the circularity of material resource inflows and outflows. This empowers companies to derive real-time insights, enabling immediate course corrections and informed decision-making to enhance circularity.

Monetizing circular performance


CTI Tool introduces an innovative dimension by monetizing circular performance. Through indicators like circular material productivity and CTI revenue, companies transcend traditional weight-based metrics. This enables businesses to articulate their circular prowess through the lens of financial value, resonating with portfolio steering and enhanced product portfolio disclosure.

CTI revenue

Efficiency amplified with CTI Tool integration

The integration of CTI Tool in the company data-architecture drives extraordinary efficiency gains. It streamlines data collation, calculation, and reporting, offering a unified approach that synchronizes resource inflow and outflow data seamlessly. This integration minimizes manual effort, maximizing efficiency throughout the compliance journey.

Strategic insights through transparent dashboarding


A transparent dashboard provided by CTI Tool offers a holistic visualization of circular performance, translating intricate metrics into comprehensible insights. This real-time dashboard empowers companies to navigate compliance intricacies with ease, enabling strategic steering and informed resource management.

Driving financial transparency

Anticipated financial effects become more transparent with CTI Tool integration. Companies can seamlessly demonstrate the decoupling of revenue generation from linear material use, showcasing their commitment to circularity. This financial transparency enhances stakeholder trust and demonstrates tangible business impact.

Seamless prioritization of risks and opportunities

CTI Tool facilitates meticulous scenario analysis, enabling companies to scrutinize risks and opportunities intricately. By quantifying potential linear risks and circular opportunities, businesses can prioritize risk mitigation and capitalize on circular gains. This data-driven approach translates into actionable strategies and solid roadmaps.

Elevating your Circular Journey

CTI Tool redefines E5 compliance, elevating it from a mere obligation to a strategic avenue for sustainable growth. By harnessing its capabilities, companies infuse their compliance journey with efficiency, strategic precision, and operational excellence.


CTI Tool amplifies circular thinking, nurturing sustainable practices that resonate across industries.


Unlock the transformative potential of the CTI Tool and emerge as leaders in sustainability, setting a benchmark for operational excellence, transparency, and sustainable growth.


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The content on this page and the sections describing the added value and use of CTI Tool to support ESRS E5 compliance are utilizing insights that are drawn from the WBCSD & KPMG-paper: ‘Preparing the road to circular economy reporting Understanding the Circular Transition Indicators — and how they support CSRD reporting, 2023’

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To learn more about CTI V4.0 framework, check out the website:

The Circular Transitions Indicators (CTI) framework was developed by WBCSD and 30 of its members. CTI helps companies measure and improve their sustainability performance by providing a simple and sector-agnostic way to measure circularity and giving insights into how to reduce primary resource use and waste generation.
Circular IQ’s CTI Tool is the WBCSD endorsed software tool for effectively measuring CTI and leveraging these insights.
CTI Tool
CTI Tool