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How to add users to organizations?

To add new users follow these steps:

Login > Organization > Add new user (type their email)
To turn users into Admins (only for Professional accounts): Organization > click on the “plus” icon next to the user > Make Admin
To add users to business levels: Dashboard > “3 people” icon (Manage Members) > “plus” icon

Support: [email protected]
How to activate account again or recover password?

If you forgot your password: go to https://app.ctitool.com/ > Forgot password
To activate account: go to your email > search for “CTI” in the inbox > click on “Activate account” > set up password
If activation link is expired: go to https://app.ctitool.com/ > Forgot password

Support: [email protected]
What data do I need?

Here you can find all the resources of the video.

– Step-by-step with Decision Tree: https://ctitool.com/start-and-understand-your-circularity-assessment-step-by-step/
– CTI Framework by WBCSD: https://www.wbcsd.org/contentwbc/download/11256/166026/1
– Support: [email protected]

How to import data on Step 3

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