Revitalize Sustainability in Retail with CTI Tool

CTI Tool for the Retail Industry

Welcome to the practical, no-nonsense approach to sustainability in retail. You’re aware of the importance of sustainability and the urgent need to act. So, let’s skip the extras and dive right into the matter.


The circular economy isn’t just a concept—it’s a pragmatic, lucrative approach to conducting business. It’s about optimizing efficiency, redefining resource utilization, and staying ahead of regulatory requirements. Above all, it’s about making real, measurable progress towards sustainability.


With CTI Tool, we’re transforming words into deeds. This tool is not about merely acknowledging sustainability—it’s about providing a clear route to adopting the principles of a circular economy that will assure a thriving future for sustainability in retail.

Evolving Forward: CTI Tool Leading Circularity in the Retail Industry 

The CTI Tool isn’t here just to adorn your sustainability reports—it’s here to energize your journey to a circular economy. Let’s outline the benefits directly.
  • Comprehensive Material Data: Know your supply chain materials. Track carbon footprints. Make meaningful changes.
  • Strategic Future Planning: Simulate scenarios. Steer through the circular economy landscape like a pro.
  • Regulatory Compliance, No Hassle: Meet the CSRD and more without breaking a sweat.
  • Straightforward Reports: Get clear, actionable circularity reports. No distractions, just facts. Check out our sample report right here
  • Profitable Sustainability: Protect the environment. Enable new business models. Save costs. Triumph on all fronts.
CTI Tool and CTI Framework WBCSD Circular IQ

Delve Deeper into CTI's Solutions

Witness firsthand how the CTI Tool addresses these challenges by checking out our CTI Tool Demo for the retail industry. Explore a practical walkthrough that showcases how you can utilize the tool to your benefit.
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Additionally, you can download our sampleExample Report to experience a real-life application of the CTI Tool within the retail industry, offering a transparent perspective of how its implementation can enhance your sustainability goals.

CTI Tool: Your Partner in the Pursuit of Sustainability

Integrate the CTI Tool into your sustainability reporting toolbox – not only is it the world’s most trusted material accounting framework, it’s also your partner on the path to the circular economy. Abandon vague estimations. Instead, scrutinize the core of your operations, slice through the complexity, and produce sharp, substantiated sustainability reports.


With CTI Tool on your side, you will propel your retail firm’s sustainability ambitions. Optimize resource usage, strategize a path to a future that’s not only profitable but environmentally conscioussustainable for you and your environmentally conscious customers. We’re prepared for the lengthy journey ahead, so let’s spring into action, delve into material accounting, and lead the journey towards a circular economy.

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Roy Vercoulen

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The Circular Transitions Indicators (CTI) framework was developed by WBCSD and 30 of its members. CTI helps companies measure and improve their sustainability performance by providing a simple and sector-agnostic way to measure circularity and giving insights into how to reduce primary resource use and waste generation.

CTI Tool
CTI Tool