Take the driver's seat in your company’s circular transition

Measure your company's circular performance and guide yourself with the Circular Transition Indicators​.

Measure through an objective, universal and tested framework.

Save time and effort using an online software tool.

Generate reports and inform stakeholders effortlessly.

Identify improvement potential and compare response options.

The CTI was developed by business, for business

The CTI Tool was developed to help businesses in different industries worldwide to measure and improve their circular performance by supporting and guiding companies through the Circular Transition Indicators process.

The tool structures data and calculates outcomes, supporting businesses in taking concrete actions towards their circularity goals. It also supports users to reach out to internal stakeholders and value chain partners for data requests that avoid confidentiality issues.

Leveraging the power of digitization and smart software solutions, the CTI Tool enables companies to accelerate their transition towards a circular economy and fully understand their circularity baseline.

Trusted by leading brands

You're in good company

With over 450 accounts, teams of every size, shape and industry have already made the CTI Tool their go-to solution to accomplish their circular goals.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it! The CTI allow us to further define targets, priorities and to monitor progress.”

“The world is only 9% circular. By applying the CTI, we can identify both gaps and opportunities in our value chain.”