If you don't have your company data available right now, this data set will help you understand how CTI Tool works.

Installation Instructions

The attached .csv file contain the data for the inflows and outflows.

To import it into an assessment, first create a new assessment (by clicking ‘add new assessment’).

In step 1 you can fill in some information about this example if you wish, and you can select desired indicators in step 2.

We recommend starting with the ‘% material circularity’ and ‘GHG impact’ indicators.

After this, you can import the inflows and outflows of the example in step 3, by clicking ‘import data’ and selecting the .csv file in from your downloads folder.

Once you’ve done this, you can add the GHG reference materials to your inflows by opening your flows one-by-one and selecting the ‘GHG material reference’ from the dropdown list.

We recommend the following reference materials for this example:

  • cardboard box – paper
  • connector plating – gold
  • connectors – aluminium
  • cable jackets – HDPE
  • cable conductors – copper
CTI Tool
CTI Tool