Avoid the Greenwashing Trap and Build True Sustainability

Today’s shoppers need clear, data-backed information on the sustainability of the products they buy.

Retailers risk damaging their reputation if they don’t have this information. By providing material-composition data, retailers can explain their side of the story, remove blockers that prevent customers from buying their products and increase their revenues.

The Power of Transparency:

Why material-composition information is the key to informed decision-making.

Shoppers are demanding sustainability improvements from their favorite brands. To stay competitive, retailers need to go beyond compliance and proactively act on opportunities for green growth. Doing so will help them capture new market-share and increase profitability.

Clearing the Path to Profit:

How removing shopping hurdles can drive revenue growth

CTI Tool enables category management to identify and rank opportunities across the assortment for:

  • Determining the influence packaging has on the overall (product) circularity
  • Improving packaging circularity
  • Increasing % recycled & renewable content
  • Work with procurement and identify suppliers who have a better circularity score than their peers

Unlock Your Potential:

Discover and prioritize improvement opportunities with ease

CTI Tool provides data-backed insights into which products are the real performance drivers in your category.
This data will help you better understand where to focus improvement efforts for the best result and brief suppliers on what changes need to be made to meet your goals.

Which product category reigns supreme in performance?

Easily uncover which product or packaging improvements move the needle towards meeting your company goals. Compare performance over multiple buying cycles to monitor improvements. Fuel conversations with your buyers and enable them to start activating suppliers to offer product- and packaging solutions that meet your goals.

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Roy Vercoulen

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The Circular Transitions Indicators (CTI) framework was developed by WBCSD and 30 of its members. CTI helps companies measure and improve their sustainability performance by providing a simple and sector-agnostic way to measure circularity and giving insights into how to reduce primary resource use and waste generation. Circular IQ’s CTI Tool is the WBCSD endorsed software tool for effectively measuring CTI and leveraging these insights.

CTI Tool
CTI Tool